Introducing The Claudia and Natalie Show

Morning loves!

Ever wanted your own talk show? Are you the chatty sort? Is spontaneity in your blood? If so, we’re kindred souls. Since I witnessed Oprah first blaze her meteoric trail, I’ve been enchanted with creating my own talk stage.

Recently, I joined with my beautiful blogging friend Natalie, the Frazier Stone Jewelry creator, to stir up a bit of girl chat. In this post, I wanted to share a snippet of our initial collaboration but I ran into video challenges so I shall tell you about our plans, provide the link and post my OOTD! (I’m unstoppable!)

We filmed on Natalie’s Mac’s iweb, which isn’t supported on this site. Oops! Learn something new daily for sure. I edited our video to 15 seconds. It took forever to load here so I abandoned that bright idea. With time ever being of the essence, who, pray tell, wants to sit and wait for a video to upload? Not I! said the beauty blogger. Right now, the video is on my channel, on Claudia’sUniverse. I will move it soon to its own channel though. (

A talk show will cover girl chat on fitness, food, fashion, writing, jewelry design, lifestyle, challenges, beauty, and blogging, etc. We’re excited. New year, new projects!

On YouTube, my channel is Claudia’sUniverse, and Natalie is Frazier Stone Jewelry! Check us out. Be sure to share your beauty blogging channels below so that we can subscribe to one another’s channels, supporting other fellow bloggers!

Below, I share my OOTD!


Blouse – Quizz stretch
Belt – Calvin Klein
Jeans – almost famous – BootyBoost
Shoes – Impo – Ross
Jewelry – Natalie’s original creations from FRAZIER STONE JEWELRY
Bag – an unknown boutique




BootyBoost? Interesting! The pads felt so soft until they were virtually nonexistent! :) I love the business casual tease to the short. When I lifted the sleeves, it gave Natalie’s jewelry a lovely look-see. Yes, the jeans are doing what jeans are designed to do, mold and control, yet they were indeed comfy!

Love & Light

The Beauty of Reflection


Recently I’ve paused the merry-go-round of my delightful days to bow to the beauty of reflection. Doing so keeps me content at heart, sharpens my goals. Like meditation, it allows me to be a better version of me. Without it, I am a ship on high seas, no particular port my destination. In gathering myself, I decided to cull my Instagram into a beauty/fashion accompaniment to my blog. Thus, a few hundred of my food pictures were deleted. Most of the raw dishes, trees, the green experiments, smoothie crushes and pretty-plate spreads. No, it didn’t hurt me to let them go. It felt like my scalp feels, probably, when it sheds strands of hair naturally. A tree doesn’t forlorn its falling leaves, does it?

Anyway, my IG reel will reveal my make-up looks and fashion lookbooks, if not daily, then twice weekly. The foodie in me will chronicle my journey here, right beside my passions for poetry, photography, lifestyle gems, writing and speaking. Reflection gingerly reminds me to put myself on a schedule, so that I can finish projects expeditiously and blog, vlog, write, post and schedule as judiciously as my heart and time permit.

Reflection means pulling out one of my many notebooks and prioritizing my Things To Do lists. It urges me to tick off what I have accomplished; it encourages me to celebrate achievements. In other words, reflection is the night birds call to the sunrise.

How important is time for Reflection in your life?

Simply Red

20160119_231043There is ever something magical about red.
On lips, it stymies tongues.
On feet, it crooks necks.
On hips, it jars traffic.
On nails, it frames art.
On hair, it owns stares.
On ears, it’s Simply Red’s classic 80’s hits, “I’ll Keep Holding On” and “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.”



Let go
Gotta flow
No holds
Can’t fold
Being bold


No hay nada como besos rojos.

Like beauty, red simply is its own reason to be…

Wishing you red smiles today and throughout the year! Besitos, todo el mundo!


{This is NYC’s smooth red lip stain over a Revlon lipstick. The gloss is vivid and does all that I want tinted gloss to do…except wash off easily!}  :)


Sari Sirens

Glamorous Claudia

Morning lovelies!
It’s chilly around these parts, that February wind lambasting the night as if the morning light were already in jeopardy of being MIA. So I thought I’d share my love of the soft, satiny, silky, sexy beauty of the sari as the wind wails! I’ve ever been of the mind that the sari is one of the most elegant garments I’ve ever donned. One is draped in yards of delectable cloth. The sari is so exquisite a diva needs not a crown, nor a queen a reign. It’s insane! Your back automatically straightens, shoulders relax and lift, neck elongates, chin high and the stride glides. In the above picture, I am photographed in a saree, the one I wore to a friend’s lovely wedding a few years back. The next saree I purchase will be soft, sexy and white!

Have you ever donned a sari?

Bridal Saree

The above is a Bridal Saree I discovered on the wibesite Is this not gorgeous?


Taapsee Panna looks fabulous in an unforgettable garmet in 2014. This picture is from the site!

naomi-campbell saree

I discovered this fab pic of super model Naomi Campbell in a saree on the runway! I love it and she wears it quite well.


Beyonce is extraordinary in this mesmerizing pink SAREE! Spectacular! The last 2 photos are from the site,

In what outfit do you feel most feminine?

Nail Obsession


Warm Wet Wednesday Wonders, lovelies!

I’m obsessed, as us beauty bloggers/vloggers typically are. Yes, it’s one of our intrinsic characteristics. Ever since I strolled into one of my local beauty establishments and eyed a gorgeous arrangement of nail porn tiered and rowed in an electric array of rich colors, I’ve been in lust with Alvia Nail Lacquer!

If you haven’t tried it, you must! Honestly, it’s a nail spa treatment in the privacy of your own bath boudoir.  The lacquer is smooth, lustrous, rich, glittery and glides on silkily with thick coverage. I’d be wholly remiss if I fail to add it retailed for $1.00 a bottle. But don’t take my word. Take the plunge for yourself…

What’s your favorite nail obsession?




In the Nude

Happy first day of February, the month of love, lovelies! I do hope everyone has had a joyous weekend and are recharged for another amazing week!

In this post, I am thrilled to say I finally paused to play in my make-up, and I opted to do so after I met with continuous Windows Movie Maker crashes as I edited a video and worked at saving it with my fingers crossed. All passed to no avail. So I stopped, breathed, began counting my blessings and headed to my bathroom vanity. My thought was to make-up and then open my Snapchat, where I am MissClaudiaMoss.

Reaching into the drawer for my eye shadow palettes, I decided on W7’s In the Nude, a palette I purchased on eBay. The price was quite affordable, not to mention the reviews made for great reading. Many reviewers loved the richness of the colors, the shimmer and matte shades promising beautiful results. These hooded eyes of mine were in for a treat, a pretty premonition whispered.


20160115_141141This palette is touted to be very similar to or as close as a department store brand can get to the glorious NAKED palettes! Let’s pause a moment to appreciate the sheer richness of the colors.

Come in closer for a more intimate view…

The colors last for hours without creasing and performing other unnatural deeds. Then again, I’ll admit I used BB Creme’s primer before creating my look.



And this is the look I created! Yes, I know the picture sits askance. That’s because I used it to illustrate a poem I posted on Facebook last night, and I rather liked the oddity of it. Below is another view from a smiling perspective, considering I work hard at not smiling in most of my pics and videos. My niece, who helps me film my videos, is ever reminding me, “Auntie, you don’t have to smile in every picture.” So so so…


I smile anyway!

Has anyone ever used this palette? I’d love to know! The colors are very blendable and buildable.

In the Nude palette

“Venice” on the lids

“Angel” atop “Venice”

“Tokyo” in the crease and a bit above the crease

“Angel” as a highlighter under my brows

I’m getting better at applying my wing. Though admittedly wing challenged, I shall be brave enough in the future to share a MOTD look others might have deleted. My contention is to show growth and vulnerability!

Have a spectacular day and always leave time to play in your make-up! <3

The Story of My Name: a poem

In the first picture, in the summer of 2015, I am cajoling my grandchildren to pose under the camera’s watchful lens. In the other, they are a few years younger, mesmerized at me encouraging them to strike a pose. Perhaps I need Madonna’s voguing after all!

All About My Name
I wasn’t
though if you sought me
likely behind a closed door
sitting cross-legged in a forgotten corner
brocade drapery my camouflage
or slumped at the foot of grandma’s
the world beneath larger than a
no knots on my head
I could be found
in someone’s imagination
a webbed fly
in sticky story
imagining my name
on a shelf of covers

My name is a dressed-up version
of Miss Claudie’s glory
The name jitterbugged
hugged the blues so tight
Jerry Lawson
Joni Mitchell
got lost in Lloyd Price’s tune
“Lawdy, Lawdy Miss Claudie”
’till I can almost perceive
what kind of Mean Blues Woman
Great Grandma was
Right up there beside
Little Richard’s Miss Molly
Good golly!
A prodigy of
I be

If ever liberated to name myself
I’d do it again
No other name
my aim

Miss Claudie’s
Classic Claudia
one in the same

I grew into “Tootsie”
Just sweet—
sweeter than the candy
The Tootsie Roll Pop
wrapped in chocolate
candy in the middle
A sugar rush to make your feet
skip and hop

To this day
at fifty-eight
I’m still Tootsie in some circles
in some mouths

I answer to
most any Tootsie combination—
even to “Twin”
Claude, Jr.
my fraternal half
great at math
me at words
while everybody is cutting up
we laugh
look a language
we understand

Selective by design
I’m yet quiet—
when I’m not
embroiled on pages
taming words
reading to an audience
or to myself
quintessentially enchanted
being no one else

(c) Claudia Moss 1/30/2016 2:22 AM

A Few of My Favs

Greetings lovelies!

It’s a beautiful Friday, and I couldn’t help sharing a few of my Friday favs! All of the following are pertinent to beauty blogging, in that not only is what we put on our outside an integral part of expressing our outer beauty, but also what we put into our bodies may be even more paramount in the expression of our beautiful mindsets.

What are some of your favs?


I am a certified FOODIE! I’ve been a vegetarian for years, and one year, I believe it was 2013, I embraced raw vegetarianism for the entire year. For several months in 2015, I went carnivore. Call it a lifestyle lapse. Fortunately, I awoke to find my body railing as if I’d been injected with acid (no, I’ve never experimented with it and am wondering why I typed that word myself!) What am I now? A renewed regal Vegan Vixen…and this is one of my favorite dishes! What’s in it? Lightly stir-fried purple cabbage (cooked only to take some of the jaw-cracking crunch from it; sliced vegan Italian sausage; spears of broccoli; a few slivers of onions; grated carrots; a dollop of garlic; a healthy handful of yellow bell peppers and spoonfuls of brown rice! Mercy! Was it ever good! Did I mention that I love my wok?

These vegan waffles are scrumptious when served with vegan Italian sausages and a pretty pop of red strawberries or blue beads of berries! Has anybody tried this one?

One of my fav YouTubers, Patricia Bright, revealed that she wasn’t really an eye shadow girl, while another fav YouTuber, Desi Perkins, is the queen of daring, neon, and audaciously bright eyes (and in a recent video, she said she was going to allow herself to become even more daring with the colors this year!). As for me and my make-up predilections, I absolutely adore eye shadow and dream about painting in my sleep. Were I a sleepwalker, I wouldn’t take a stroll to the frig; no, mine would lead straight to the bathroom vanity, where I’d be searching for my shadow palettes!

My mother was a reading mother, and that blessing fired a life-long love of reading in me. For that, I’m grateful. I love the sound of words. I love the taste of words. I make music, I’d like to think, of words on paper or screen. This is one of the books on my 2016 reading list. I’ve read Perkins-Valdez’s WENCH, which dropped me softly into another place and time, one from which it was difficult to return. The novel is ribboned because my beautiful friend, Anita Contreras, loves gorgeous things. She and I have relished our very own book club before book clubs became a fashionable rave. She gifted me with this one, and I graced her with a novel by a Spanish author whom we intend to read soon. What are you reading now?
A diva is known by the scent of the memories she leaves behind… What is your fav perfume? Goodness! DID I ASK ENOUGH QUESTIONS IN THIS POST? Besitos

Leggings Love: OOTD

Enmeshed in Beauty…


(for a beautiful photographer who knows her name)

I live life
Enmeshed in Beauty
She regales me in fabulosity
Behind tempered lens
Well traveled, traversed in gentility
In cryptic, spiritual ways others
Only long to be
She sees me

Sometimes I wander
Seek space to ponder
How gentle the touch
Of her petals
Resplendent divinity

Wonder encourages intimacy
So I press my face
In bouquets redolent
With scented scenes
Inhale what could be
If visions emit possibilities

I exhale velvet snapshots
Laced in besitos

(c) Claudia Moss 1/21/2016 1:57 AM

My Second Award: The One Lovely Blog Award


Oh my goodness! I AM wholly charmed! This is my second blog award and the new year has yet to bow to January to curtsy February to her throne! I am grateful for the sensational Sarah, the beautiful blogger who blogs in riveting splashes of red, for nominating my blog for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Be sure to visit her blog to experience it for yourself.

As with all awards, there are rules, and here are the guide lines for this auspicious award:

• Thank the person who nominated you, including a link to her blog.
• List the rules and include the award badge in your acceptance post.
• Add seven facts about yourself.
• Nominate fifteen other bloggers and notify them of their nomination.


1. I am a fraternal twin, who looks like my late paternal grandmother, Sophie Mae, while my brother is a carbon copy of our late paternal grandfather.

2. I love to perform burlesque and fan dance.

3. I could speak before I could walk, while my twin could walk before he spoke.

4. I am the author of 6 books: DOLLY:THE MEMOIRS OF A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE, a novel; IF YOU LOVE ME, COME, a novel; SOFT TSUNAMI, poetry; and THE WANDA B. WONDERS COLLECTION: three books of short stories. All books can be found on Kindle and in paperback. My fiction has been widely anthologized.

5. My YouTube channel is Claudia’sUniverse.

6. I am currently accepting submissions for my forthcoming anthology, TO HONOR THE HEART: Women’s stories of rape and forgiveness.

7. I believe that every story is a love story at heart…

*** My Nominations ***

With pride and pleasure, I nominate the following bloggers:

I Was Nominated for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


Good afternoon everyone!

It’s quite gray outside today, drizzle slicking the back porch, grass and neighboring porches with a fresh, watery sweetness. The pine needles don’t seem to mind, though, clumped together on the boards of the porch and the lawn below, Mother Nature’s carpet. A loud chill in the wind reminds you you’re alive in the event the doldrums have invaded your joy.

My joy is untouchable!

I’m too busy kissing my great nephew, Caleb, whose smile is intoxicating, and writing the day away. Not only that, I’m bursting with delight that the beautiful Aquileana of La Audacia de Aquiles nominated me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! My heart is humbled! One thousand thanks, Aquileana! I am hugely honored, for is a blog home of poetic wonder, an undeniable gift and a genuine warmth that invites readers to return again and again!

To properly honor this prestigious award, I have adhered to the following rules, which I hereby share, for those that I nominate must know how to pass this honor along! Bueno? Yes indeed! That said, let us proceed…



1. Display the award on your blog.
2. Announce your win with a blog post, and link the blogger who nominated you.
3. Present 7 bloggers with the award.
4. Link your awardees in the post.
5. Answer the following 5 questions:


My life’s philosophy is to be happy and joyously pursue my passions wherever they may lead, be that through approval or criticism, with fearlessness to charge through vulnerability, race risks and welcome proverbial limbs that invite me to free fall in graceful swan dives. In my patch of blue, my aim is never to change others but to seek to change those things about and within me that are open to change on my path to becoming the next greatest vision of myself! I intend to see Claudia and others through divine eyes so that I may remember, when circumstances seemingly scream warlike messages, to perceive all things in the spirit of love and oneness, with the faith to seek the turnaround to witness divinity in every opportunity.


The one word that best describes me is Joy. I find it everywhere, in my smile, eyes, feet, writing, speech, and actions. Effortlessly, it seeks me, most days fountaining from me like towers of crystal spray!


The best thing about being female for me is my ability to create anything my heart conceives. The marriage of my head and heart creates those things I wish to experience in my Present Moments.


On a deserted island for three magical days, I choose to be marooned with iconic superstar, Oprah Winfrey. Though never having met, we’d become fast friends, chatting endlessly about the blissful mountaintop moments in our lives, the feel of valley floors, circuitous terrain that brought us to jungles and paradise, the people who touched our lives, and the dreams that we each have yet to manifest. The closest I’ve been to Oprah was when I wrote letters throughout the years she hosted her book club on the Oprah Winfrey Show so that I might sit at the table of talk and eat and laugh and discuss the classic books she chose to enjoy with other women and her esteemed guest authors. Once, Oprah’s staff called me to inform me that my questions had been selected to present to African author Uwem Akpan in the Internet-based discussion of SAY YOU’RE ONE OF THEM. The airing ran short of time before Akpan could entertain my questions, but I was enthralled to receive the phone call! I would invite Oprah to have me host a show on her new OWN NETWORK or have me as a guest for her SUPER SOUL SUNDAY program!


Seemingly, the craziest thing I found myself doing was mounting my camera, an Olympus Stylus, on a tripod and vlogging myself dancing because I was brimming with joy one night and wanting to film a video! Minus an immediate audience, I decided my audience would be the universe. So I danced to Beyonce’s song, “Blue.” I couldn’t squelch the bliss that imbued my body. The experience was magical. It’s reception on Facebook,currently my largest audience, was amazingly well received with over 2,500 views!


I nominate the following 7 bloggers:

Sweater Weather Mania





January is a sunny stage set for Sweater Weather Mania! Here, I’ve taken the fashion liberty of marrying white and beige with side loves of shades of grey…and a dainty strip of black. It’s an open rendezvous! An affordable interlude in high-end company.


White ribbed sweater – CitiTrends
Beige cowl necked, buttoned-down sweater – CitiTrends
Beige ribbed leggings – CitiTrends
Grey and beige snake skin heels – BCBGeneration
Beige clutch with black band – Calvin Klein
Bone bracelet – Hawaiian roadside shop
Bangles – Indian Sari Shop

Brush Crush

How lovely are these beauty brushes from Sephora!  They are the Complexion Perfection brush set, and I’m excited about putting them to use in a video or for Instagram MOTD selfies. I love the design of the case, delicate and feminine, all glitz and glam. The brushes feel wonderful between the fingers and the bristles possess a firm yet silky stroke, as though the act of applying foundation, concealer and powder is an act of love. With the grace of a conductor lifting her wand to alter places within us, I pose with these bronze wands and gaze in my vanity mirror, imagining another transformation. Beauty sans utility isn’t me, so I’m rising above a persistent predilection to slip them in a pretty pail and look the golden script from the bronze.


Now although this pretty pink, nameless brush set I purchased on eBay isn’t the sparkle and swirl of the Sephora collection, I do love them, their faux-snake case, their variety, the easily cleaned bristles and the way they glide across my skin in even applications. Yes, I make ample use of my fingers when applying foundation and concealer on occasion, but there’s nothing like caressing well-crafted tools of beauty.

What are your fav brushes? Do you use your fingers as beauty tools sometimes, too? :)



Yesterday was my birthday!



It began early, several days before actually. My friend Bren is a super woman, who gets gifts to you a year in advance. How she does it, I don’t know. She has it honed to an art, is all I know for sure. The Sephora bag is pure loveliness incarnate. No, I don’t know what’s in it. I only know that my son knows that I’m a make-up chick, though not quite a hoarder of the pretty paint, but I’m no doubt clinically close! But who’s taking notes? Since I’m an eye-shadow girl who plays in bright colors but has opened to the allure of muted looks, I’ve been getting gifts of muted palettes, which are strikingly close. So, what’s a girl to do? Share of course. Thus, I’ll see if my pretty, resourceful, witty nurse of a niece, Whit, would actually USE a palette! How sweet it is to have sisters, despite pulling their hair and walloping them sometimes! Mine gifted me with presents, thoughtful ones, that I shall share a little later. And I dare not forget a birthday luncheon planned with a beloved little sister friend and the warm fuzzy phone calls from other beloved, long-time sisterfriends and Instagram b-day wishes and charming wishes from other bloggers…and even a date by text! Yep! I said yes, as THIS IS THE YEAR OF YES and ALL OF THE DREAMS I CHOOSE TO ADDRESS!

NOTE: Beware of exclamations in this blog space, as I live in the realm of excitement! Perennially! See…